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Foreign Organization

On the occasion of Portugal's national day, André Sobral Cordeiro, the Consul General of Portugal in Guangzhou visited Lusitano Bistro, the only restaurant with Portuguese food in Southern China, with exception of Macao SAR, on June 10, Portugal national day.
Between June 5th and July 16th, lovers of art and French culture from across the world will be able to watch videos touching on works of art, and the artists behind them during the French Waves art festival.

GD Expats

China will establish a national information and service platform for foreign teachers to better regulate the increasing number of expats working in the country due to burgeoning demand for English-language training, according to a draft guideline issued on Tuesday.

If you are an expat living in the community and want to offer your help, you can visit the community's Foreigner Service Center on No. 5 Tongxin Road to sign up as a volunteer.
The station in Dengfeng is located at the community's Foreigner Service Center on No. 5 Tongxin Road, offering comprehensive, free services to its residents.
Wanna make a fortune in China? Look at the following examples that are adapted from real cases, find out how to avoid falling into traps, and be a law-abiding expat!

Food & Health

Caution! This posture may hurt your reproductive system

Are you crossing your legs when you read this article? If so, please put your legs down at once!


Guangdong has a long tradition of making flowers into food due to its warm and humid climate conditions. For locals, flowers are not only beautiful to behold but can be quite tasty as well. And more than a few varieties make good treats. The blooming ingredients can add color, flavor, taste and shape to dishes, and also has specific value in nutrition, cosmetology and diet therapy.

Herd immunity cannot be relied on to solve the problems of the highly infectious novel coronavirus disease, said Zhong Nanshan, renowned Chinese respiratory specialist, at a press conference Wednesday.

Language Learning

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If we gave you your first pot of gold, what would you invest the money in? Would you spend it frivolously, or make wise investment choices?
So you're learning Mandarin? You're attending Chinese classes. You've been building up your vocabulary in every way possible.

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