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The five best spots for camping or picnics in Guangzhou

2020-July-2       Source: Newsgd.com

We've rounded up five of our favourite lawns which are free, in or close to downtown, and have some shade. Pack your basket and picnic mat, and let’s head to the following parks for some fun in the sun.

When the weather's looking fine, it's time to pack some bites and look for a spot for camping or having a picnic with your family or friends while enjoying the beautiful sunshine. So where are some of the best sun-bathing places in the city? That’s where our guide comes in.

We've rounded up five of our favourite lawns which are free, in or close to downtown, and have some shade. Pack your basket and picnic mat, and let's head to the following parks for some fun in the sun.

(Photo: Xiao Xiong)

1. The coolest: Public lawns on Ersha Island

Ersha Island, one of the most artistic islands in Guangzhou, is home to a few famous buildings, including the Xinghai Concert Hall and the Guangdong Museum of Art. There's plenty of open spaces and green lawns for you to set up your picnic mat and tent on the island. You can enjoy your snacks, read a book, meet with friends, and share the fun. If you are sporty type, you can jog or hop on a bicycle to explore the island along the criss-crossing paths.

?(Photo: Shi Lei)

?(Photo: Chou Minye)

Location: Ersha Island (in between Guangzhou Bridge and Haiyin Bridge), Yuexiu

Nearest bus stop: Ersha Dong (Trumpchi Park) station or Xinghai Concert Hall station, Bus No. 131A, 194, 89 and B21

2. The most beautiful: Jufang Garden in Luhu Lake Park

Situated inside the scenic Luhu Lake Park, the well-orchestrated Jufang Garden provides a sprawling open lawn and a light-hearted ambience for you to enjoy your picnic and for children to play in the fresh air. After that, you can mount the self-contained hill in the garden to visit the Honghao Tower on the top. There you will get a superb panorama of downtown Guangzhou. Nearby are Taojin and Jianshe Roads where you can enjoy various kinds of delicacies.

(Photo: Official WeChat account of Baiyun Mountain)

(Photo: Official WeChat account of Baiyun Mountain)

Location: No. 11 Lujing Road, Gaungyuan Zhong Road, Yuexiu (越秀区广园中路麓景路11号)

Nearest metro station: Xiaobei station, Line 5

3. The most amusing: Baiyun Children's Park

The park is equipped with new recreation facilities and has a very large green space, which is perfect for children to play in. Located near the Jinshazhou Wharf, it enjoys a great water view, and you can get there by water bus. Don't miss out on the knockout ancient building Woyunlu in the park where you can view colorful fish in its semi-circular pond as well as painting exhibitions.

(Photo: Baiyun District Publicity Department)


(Photo: Baiyun District Publicity Department)

Location: Near Jinshazhou Wharf, 3rd Huanzhou Road, Jinshazhou Island, Baiyun (白云区金沙洲岛环洲三路)

Nearest metro station: Shabei station, Line 6 (Use Exit B)

4. The most dynamic: Linjiang Dadao Linear Park

With a magnificent view of CBD Guangzhou as the backdrop, the picturesque Lingnan style park is one of the most eye-catching places in town. There are also fashionably designed red jogging trails in the park with calorie marks every hundred meters. Within walking distance of the park, you can find Xingsheng Road bar & food street, Huacheng Square, Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou Library and more to spend a nice day.

(Photo: Fu Chaojun)

(Photo: Wang Hui)

Location: No. 263 Linjiang Avenue, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe (珠江新城临江大道263号)

Nearest metro station: Liede or Tancun station, Line 5 (Use Exit B)

5. The most comfortable: Guangzhou International Bio Island

Located at the southeast tip of Guangzhou, the Island is far from busy downtown and covered with lush greenery. The best picnic spots are the lawns in Lansheng, Diecui and Shuimo Gardens. Cyclists can ride on the tree-lined greenways around the island while enjoying fresh air in the park.

(Photo: Xiao Xiong)

(Photo: Liu Liqin)

Location: Luoxuan Avenue, Haizhu (海珠区螺旋大道)

Nearest metro station: Guanzhou station, Line 4 (Use Exit B to Lansheng Garden, Exit D to Diecui and Shuimo Gardens)

Author | Monica & Zoey

Editor | Jerry

Editor: Monica Liu

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